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Spring   /   2020

“Nansen’s Pastport”, is an artistic re-invention of Norwegian polar explorer and humanitarian Fridtjof Nansen’s refugee passport for post-Great War Europe. The book, designed and conceived by artist Anneli Skaar is re-imagined as a climate refugee passport for humanity, using Nansen’s own words in a contemporary context, inviting consideration on how to meet the pressing issues of current and future climate migration with wisdom from the past.


With publication in 2020—the 100 year anniversary of the establishment of passport standardization—and with the passport’s increasing importance in the documentation and freedom of humans worldwide—it is also an ode to one of the most powerful books in the world. Letterpress by Arthur Larson at Horton Tank Graphics. Cyanotype printing by Sal Taylor Kydd. Etching printed at Wingate Studios. Bronze Casting: Chris Gamage at Bog Bronze. Binding by Amy Borezo of Shelter Bookworks.


Edition of 60 (1-20 deluxe, 21-40 regular, 41-60 pocket)

Copies 1-20 are deluxe editions that contain an additional copper plate print of the map, suitable for framing, as well as a melted, bronze Nobel Peace Prize, all contained within a folio bound in life jacket material. Deluxe edition is   DELUXE EDITION SOLD OUT  

Copies 21-40 are regular editions. These are contained in a cloth covered clamshell box with the etching mounted inside and the Pastport set in a well in the box. Regular edition is $3,000.  Few copies left.


Copies 41-60 are pocket editions. These are contained in a much smaller cloth covered clamshell box with the etching and artist statement folded inside and the Pastport tucked into a sleeve in the box. The compact design is inspired by pocket almanacs of the 1600s. Pocket edition is $1,800.

Outer case dimensions on deluxe and regular: 19 x 13 inches
Nansen’s Pastport: 5 x 3.5 inches, 32 pages, identical to a standard passport. Bound in Icelandic salmon skin.


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