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Fall   /   2013

Brown was a crucial figure in the development and innovation of children’s literature in the 20th century. She penned enduring classics such as Good Night Moon and Runaway Bunny, among numerous others. We were gifted the original manuscript many years ago and have always been charmed by its lyrical verse. It seemed the perfect project for a limited, finely printed edition, especially this year, which would have been her 100th birthday. 


Michael Kuch of the Double Elephant Press designed the book, cover etching, Field Notes and the facsimile cover. He also conceived and printed all of the etchings and paste papers. The paper was hand made in Maine by Katie MacGregor. The story was hand-set at Horton Tank Graphics in Parsons type cast by Micah Currier at Dale Guild Typefoundry. Parsons was the only typeface designed by Will Ransom. Russell Maret drew the fleuron and title lettering, based on a Ransom design. The ancillary text was set in Joanna types by Michael Bixler. The letterpress was achieved on a Vandercook Universal IV by Arthur Larson. The box and binding were executed by Sarah Creighton at her bindery in Easthampton, MA. 


The 60 copy edition was released in Fall of 2013. The Little River was recently honored with two awards at the UK Fine Press Book Fair in Oxford England.  The book was recognized with both The Judges' Choice Award and the Parrot Prize for the best illustrated book printed in the last two years. 

Edition of 60


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