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Spring   /   2024

As a series of images, along with the artist’s evocative text, Cig Harvey's CAKE is a saucy celebration that serve as metaphor for the passing of time—living and dying, full of the sweetness, bitterness, and unknowable elements that we all must navigate. It is at once a party and memento mori—a reminder to stop wasting time, agonizing over the past, and dreading the future. Cig is imploring us to embrace our one wild life with optimism while acknowledging its heartbreaks and complexities.


There are a baker’s dozen photographs, thirteen images bound in the book, as well as an additional unbound print, titled Feast. Also included is the artist’s signature "mind map"--hand-colored by the author-- letterpress printed by Art Larson of Horton Tank Graphics. The interior of the book is designed and illustrated by Anneli Skaar. The edition of 40 will be bound by four generations of binders, ten copies each by Gray Parrot, Claudia Cohen, Amy Borezo, and Gabby Cooksey. A veritable layer cake of extraordinary talent. Each binder was presented with a printed text block and given free rein.


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