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Virginia Quarterly Review



Gold Trees is a celebration and contemplation of the sacred nature of trees, featuring a collection of golden photographic prints by the widely revered photographer Joyce Tenneson and accompanied by poetic responses by author Claire Millikin. 

Each copy of Gold Trees contains an additional, specially housed gold leaf print. Design and typography by Anneli Skaar and letterpress printing by Art Larson at Horton Tank Graphics. Measures 11 x 9 inches and is bound by Amy Borezo at Shelter Bookworks. Edition of 30 copies for sale.
Contact Two Ponds Press for more information and pricing.



Two Ponds Press is devoted to celebrating and reinventing the fine art press. We curate projects with world-renowned artists to create new and exciting works of fine printing.


Our mission is to collaborate with some of today’s leading writers, artists, photographers, designers, printers and bookbinders on projects in a variety of fields. Our list of upcoming books includes poetry, children’s literature, photography, culinary arts, history and more. Original material presented in classic and modern formats will be our hallmarks. 


We are rooted in the traditions of classic fine printing, but also explore the newest technologies available. Metal type letterpress, polymer plates, photogravures, wood engravings, etchings and more will all be utilized in the creation of our books, portfolios and broadsides.


Two Ponds Press also represents several other fine presses: 

Sarah Horowitz of Wiesedruck

D.R. Wakefield of Chevington 

Peter Bogardus of Khelcom New York


Two Ponds Press

P.O. Box 687

Rockport, Maine 04856

Tele: +1 207 236 8665

Email: info (at)

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Peggy Gotthold - Binder

Robert Bringhurst - Writer & Designer

Claudia Cohen - Binder

Amy Borezo/Shelter Bookworks - Binder

Katie MacGregor - Papermaker

Michael Russem - Designer

Gravity Press Experimental Print Shop 

Brandon Graving - Master Printer

Wingate Studio - Printer

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