The inaugural work of the Two Ponds Press, “Interior Skies: Late Poems from Liguria,” is a collection of poems written by Anthony Hecht at the Bogliasco Foundation’s Liguria Study Center during the final year of his life. An introduction by Philip Hoy, friend and English publisher of Hecht, prefaces the seven poems. The design was conceived by Russell Maret. The volume was illustrated by Abigail Rorer with a portrait of Hecht and a depiction of the Ligurian seascape in relief engraving. The book was set in Centaur and Arrighi types by Michael Bixler and printed by Arthur Larson at Horton Tank Graphics. An edition of seventy-five copies was issued in the Spring of 2011.




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Wise Brown was a crucial figure in the development and innovation of children’s literature in the 20th century. She penned enduring classics such as Good Night Moon and Runaway Bunny, among numerous others. We were gifted the original manuscript many years ago and have always been charmed by its lyrical verse. It seemed the perfect project for a limited, finely printed edition, especially this year, which would have been her 100th birthday. 


Michael Kuch of the Double Elephant Press designed the book, cover etching, Field Notes and the facsimile cover. He also conceived and printed all of the etchings and paste papers. The paper was hand made in Maine by Katie MacGregor. The story was hand-set at Horton Tank Graphics in Parsons type cast by Micah Currier at Dale Guild Typefoundry. Parsons was the only typeface designed by Will Ransom. Russell Maret drew the fleuron and title lettering, based on a Ransom design. The ancillary text was set in Joanna types by Michael Bixler. The letterpress was achieved on a Vandercook Universal IV by Arthur Larson. The box and binding were executed by Sarah Creighton at her bindery in Easthampton, MA. 


The 60 copy edition was released in Fall of 2013. The Little River was recently honored with two awards at the UK Fine Press Book Fair in Oxford England.  The book was recognized with both The Judges' Choice Award and the Parrot Prize for the best illustrated book printed in the last two years. 

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Text by Larry Sullivan. Librarian, John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Portraits etched in color by Bob Wakefield of the Chevington Press. The typography was designed by Russell Maret and printed letterpress by Arthur Larson. Box and chemise by Claudia Cohen. The image gallery below showcases some of the working proofs of the etchings by Bob Wakefield. Released in Fall of 2014.




We are proud to announce our collaboration with renowned California artist Joseph Goldyne, one of the leading printmakers working today. Goldyne is a master of the intaglio techniques of etching, drypoint and aquatint. This little-known speech by G.B. Shaw, introducing his friend, Albert Einstein, is paired with five etchings. Goldyne also has written the forward, which places Shaw's and Einstein's remarks in the historic context of the tumultuous time between the two World Wars. Released in the winter of 2014.







With an introduction & five etchings by Joseph Goldyne






The Jewish Gangsters of Murder, Inc.

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When celebrated American luminist painter Stephen Hannock was a student at at Bowdoin and Smith Colleges, in the early 1970's he caught the eye of sculptor and printmaker Leonard Baskin with whom he apprenticed for several years creating anatomical drawings, woodcuts, sculptures and paintings. He refers to his apprenticeship with Baskin as "the ultimate art school" after which he settled into an abandoned factory in Northampton, Massachusetts and began his life as a working and, sometimes struggling, artist. 


This year Hannock returns to the form he studied with Baskin creating his first limited edition opus for Two Ponds Press, a collection of woodcuts inspired by the lyrics of his good friend and long-time collaborator, Sting. The plates which center on the dying shipbuilding industry in Sting's hometown, Newcastle, follow a theme that has informed Sting and Hannock's work for the last several years.  This greatly anticipated project will be released in the spring of 2016.





THE LAST SHIP: Stephen Hannock

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The Great Eastern (Artist Proof Woodcut)

A collaboration of words and images, exploring the historical, tangible and invisible boundaries that divide the people of this melting pot nation of immigrants. The prominent, 2013 inaugural poet and novelist, Richard Blanco uses ekphrasis and occasional poetry to illuminate the haunting and mysterious imagery of fine art photographer, Jacob Hessler. Jacob Hessler's modern landscape photography has been celebrated for its fresh and distinctive visual voice. This exciting project will release in late 2016.






Richard Blanco & Jacob Hessler

Work in Progress

U.S. / Mexico Border